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The foundations of our business have been set in 1989, when the owner Huskić Salih established the company which engaged in ore exploitation with heavy machinery in coal mines, road cutting, civil construction, etc.
Pjeskara doo is a family business established in 1998, with the opening and forming of the first own surface quarry of quartz sand, which has become the fundamental raw material for production of construction material. Step by step and with great effort, production was established for construction adhesives, facades, façade paint and mortar.

Since 2007, we have been involved in business cooperation with Fragmat izolirka d.o.o. Gračanica and under their authorization we have produced construction adhesives Stiro L25 and Stiro M50, with Demit stirofix and Demit malta which were marketed by Fragmat izolirka doo Gračanica, followed by Terrasit Insulation doo Gračanica.

Since 2014, Pjeskara has entered the market of the European Union, and our products have been certified under the CE marking by the Center for Testing and European Certification of the LTD registered entity NB 1871. Also, since 2014, “Pjeskara” d.o.o. has been implementing the standard EN ISO 9001:2015 for its customers confirmed by the Polskie Centrum Certyfikacji in the field of exploitation and separation of quartz sand and production of façade, adhesives and paint.

In 2018, Pjeskara doo has started its innovative production of silicate cement panels for dry construction.
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