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MOLERIX antibacterial – our brand new product!

Molerix is a semi-dispersive ecological antibacterial paint for painting the interior surfaces of walls on residential, hospital, school, kindergartens, catering and the such facilities. Molerix antibacterial is based on water and the highest quality polyvinavil acetate dispersive binders, selected pigments, fillers, additives and eco antibacterial agents. It is characterized by good steampropability, covering power and whiteness. Resistant to dry abrasion. Mild pastel shades are added by adding liquid pigments intended for dispersive colors. Laboratory-proven sterility of the wall even after a month of installation-painting!
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Using quartz sand

We manufacture quartz sand for a range of applications in construction, such as:

-manufacturing construction adhesives, mortar and sealing masses;
-sealing and production of concrete paving stones;
-concrete production;
-preparing sports fields and laying grass on stadiums;
-sand blasting.

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